Dr. Samuel Hunter of Nashville, Tennessee blogs about topics of interest to health care and people with neurological disease.

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  1. Regina Quinn

     /  March 9, 2012

    Could you write about the obamacare cost of disease modifying drugs, specifically Rebif, starting in 2014. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in August of 2003. I am still doing pretty okay, but I have been on Rebif all this time. My insurance makes that affordable for me to do. But, in 2014, everything is going to change for me. I will probably have to make a decision to get off the medicine, because our income level will prevent a “affordable deal” for me. It will provide it for others, for which I am glad, but will take it away from me. I am afraid, but I can’t take everything we’ve worked for as we enter into retirement to pay for this. I will have to put my life in God’s hands and take my chances. Have you any thoughts on this subject. I had hoped that maybe a deal would be reached to provide this medicine at a much better rate for EVERYONE! Any chance of that?


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